V-Moda Faders Review

There comes a time in every publisher's life when he or she must review something so tiny, so seemingly insignificant, that it otherwise might have slipped through the cracks – that's what's happening here with the V-Mode Faders earplugs. What these little buds are is blockers of sound. They look by all means to be in-ear speakers like their very close cousins, but in that they block the sound instead of blast it, here we've got an ever-so-slightly unique piece of gadgetry.


The quality you're getting here is top-notch, and since this isn't the first version of these little beasts, you know good and well that V-Moda has once again further perfected the art. Your hearing will be protected by the Faders working to filter noise up to 12dB. They do not BLOCK the noise, they filter it – this meaning that your mids and your high-range audio is still there and still very clear, while the damaging low-end noises galore are plugged up. You can adjust the amount you filter by changing the bud size, also.

The versions you'll get in the store come with a lovely little shell case, while these early versions show just the buds — you'll know the 2012 versions from the older ones from the slight difference on the box face, the newer ones having a bright ORANGE splash around the "METAL" bit. The newest versions also come with detachable cords. Otherwise they're the same fabulous sound-blocking masterpieces.


These monsters are certainly worth what you pay for them. If you want throwaway plugs, go ahead and pick up a pack of them from your local grocery store. These plugs will stopper up the sound to the degree that you like and will do it in a fashionable way – so very lovely. Pick up the gunmetal versions (like we've got here) for ultimate anytime wearability.

These buds will be available SOON, and when they are, they'll be $15 USD plus shipping unless you can grab them from your local audio-conscious record store. Grab em online sooner from V-Moda!