V-MODA Crossfade LP Adds Red and Purple Colors to Line-Up

Evan Selleck - Aug 6, 2010
V-MODA Crossfade LP Adds Red and Purple Colors to Line-Up

When a product launches, no matter how cool it may look or sound, sometimes it just doesn’t come in a color you want. We’re sure a lot of folks out there who wanted the iPhone 4 in white know all about that. That’s why we’re always glad to see companies and manufacturers bolster their current product line-up with more colors and options. When V-MODA launched the Crossfade LP headphones (see our review right here), they came in Gunmetal Black, White Pearl, and Phantom Chrome. Now you can welcome Rouge and Nero into the family.

While the colors are changing, the headphones themselves are not. V-MODA is still concentrating on dual-diaphragm drivers, which they still say are just as good as single drivers, but that their models have more of a distinct range to them. You also get a detachable cable, with a three-button remote control. It comes with a mic, and the controls will allow you to adjust the volume whenever you need. You can use the headphones to listen to music, or take phone calls. And, as usual, the construction of the headphones is top-notch, with a steel framed memory headband that goes atop your skull. The high price didn’t change either, still sitting pretty at $250.

[via V-MODA]

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