USPS Promotes physical mail, warns against evil Internet

This week the United States Postal Office has decided to go with a commercial made to warn against the many dangers of using the Internet for daily communication. In a move that's sure to have the masses seeing this commercial on the Internet saying "this can't be real," the USPS brings a message that clearly states that they're trying to win back customers who've moved to much more environmentally friendly means of sending letters. But hey, who are we to put such a move down, there's nothing more classic in this country than the pony express!

While a refrigerator magnet has never been hacked and an online virus has never attacked a cork board, I'd wager USPS doesn't attribute most of its revenue to either one of those tiny bits of in-home convenience. As you'll see in the video below, USPS instead wants you to understand that the Internet is nothing compared to the "added feeling of security" that a printed statement or receipt adds. The commercial ends with a call for you to visit their webpage telling you how not to use the internet because it is evil.

While USPS is speaking here about "the value of mail to both businesses and consumers," as they write on their page, we've got to ask: why make a video? Why not send a letter to all of your customers in the mail? Have a look at the video and let us know what you think about this new punch to the gut of the internet, and also, if you can remember, let us know the last time you sent a letter.