Use Siri to control your Plex media

You don't need wait for Apple's much rumored TV set to use iOS 5's most talked about feature, Siri, to control your media with Plex. There is a new tool available called SiriProxy that was created to control a thermostat, and has also been adapted to start cars and control other apps. SiriProxy will take your voice commands before they reach Apple's servers and use them in other ways.

Plex is a software that will play local and online media. When connected with a TV, Plex will receive user commands from SiriProxy. The video shows verbal commands taken from Siri used to select and play media on the Plex connected TV. Not only are instructions received almost immediately, but you can say more than just to play a show. The user gives instructions to play the latest episode of a show, as well as specifying an episode number within a particular season.

This could be a real indicator of what's to come with Apple's future TV plans. In what other ways/devices could Siri be successfully implemented beyond just iOS? Will we soon be using Siri to control everything from our microwaves to our automobiles to our electric toothbrushes and more? We shall see! Also don't forget to check out our full review of the iPhone 4S, currently the only place where you can get Siri without hacking!

[via TiPb]