USB Host mod for Motorola DROID promises accessory support

Plugging a USB memory stick, keyboard, mouse or even a printer into your Motorola DROID could be possible very soon, thanks to a new hack that adds USB Host support to the Android smartphone.  Modder Chris Paget and friends discovered that Motorola had used USB-OTG compliant hardware for the DROID, crippling it only by virtue of the microUSB port; one thrown-together adapter cable and a tiny dongle that triggers the Host mode later, and the DROID will recognize USB peripherals.

Unfortunately, while it might recognize those peripherals it doesn't necessarily mean you can do much with them.  Android lacks the drivers, for a start, and the hack itself has some problems; leave the adapter in too long, for instance, and the DROID loses the connection, and if you unplug one USB device to plug in another you'll need to power-cycle the handset first.  Still, a custom ROM or two and that could all be addressed.

[via Android Community]