UrtheCast reveals UHD full color videos of cities as seen from space

UrtheCast, which has been working steadily on getting video of our planet as seen from the International Space Station, has introduced the first videos in full color of Earth as seen from space — that, at least, the average person and businesses have access to. The videos come from a pair of cameras that have been set up on the ISS, and there are three cities that have been recorded in full color at high definition with them: Boston, USA, London, UK, and Barcelona, Spain.

You can see the three full-color videos from space below. The level of detail is very high, with the cameras capturing things that are larger than a single meter. Cars can be clearly seen traveling down the road; homes and buildings are shown in high details; landscapes are easily monitored from such a vantage point.

Data gathered from these cameras can used in a variety of industries, and by both government and private entities. UrtheCast will be selling access and data to customers that need it, but the average person who just wants a glimpse of space can see the imagery for free on the company's website.

While such satellite imagery has been used by government agencies for a long while, this is the first instance of such data for companies and other agencies, as well as the average person. Privacy isn't a concern, as well, at least with it comes to UrtheCast — the videos gathered from the ISS cameras aren't detailed enough to see things like house numbers or your face.

VIA: Quartz