UREN V1 Car UMPC Video Unboxing

Please excuse me while I weep like a cudgelled nun over the sheer prettiness of UREN's V1 UMPC, designed almost ideally for use as an in-car computer.  Normally this slim-frame beauty is only available in Korea (I really must go on a holiday there sometime, preferably with some embezzled SlashGear funds) but Bjorn over at UltraMobileLife has managed to import one and, being a generous sort, is sharing the pleasure of the unboxing with us.

UREN have managed to fit not only a 30GB drive for all your media, but a GPS receiver running with Microsoft's Streets and Trips software as well as an FM transmitter so that you don't have to bother with cables or quiet internal speakers.  As you can tell from the video, Bjorn is pretty impressed with it, and I know I'm looking forward to reading/watching his full review.

Photos of the unit after the cut...

UREN V1 Unboxing Video [UltraMobileLife]