URC MX-450 Universal Remote With On-Device Macro Programming

Universal Remote Controls have announced their entry-level MX-450, intended for custom installers and – unusual for the segment – capable of macro programming directly from the device itself, rather than requiring connection to a PC.  The system, called MacroEdit, gives a graphical illustration of each step in the macro, making it straightforward to tweak and edit on-site.  The MX-450 also has a full-color 2-inch display and backlit keys.

Internal memory is 32MB, and individual macros can have up to 255 steps.  Each device controlled can have up to eight pages on the display, showing custom logos and more, and there can be up to eight separate pages of favorite channels.

The MX-450 is capable of controlling up to 18 different devices, and can be connected either by IR or RF.  A URC RF base station is required for the latter, sold separately.  Power is via four AA batteries.

Available now, the URC MX-450 is priced at $249.  It measures  8" x 2.25" x 1.25" and weighs 9oz.