Upright WowPen mouse reviewed

Last month we told you about Wow Technology's WowPen, an upright mouse that's held as a stylus and apparently reduces the chance of developing – or discomfort from – carpal tunnel syndrome.  Over at Cheapedia they've been reviewing a corded version, called the Eco, to see if it can manage to be both a useful and comfortable input device.

Although first-impressions are good, there are issues with control placement and while you hold the Eco like a pen that doesn't necessarily mean it's as good as one.  More concerning to me, however, are the criticisms of accuracy with the WowPen's 400dpi optical sensor.

The Eco is available now for $49.99 – check out the Cheapedia review to see if you should splash your cash...

Review: Wow Pen Eco [Cheapedia]