Update your Xbox controllers now, and spread the love

This week Microsoft released firmware updates to Xbox controllers of several sorts. This update affects Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers. In this update, users will get features that were only previously available on the newest in new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers.

With this update, users of the elder controllers – or at least SOME elder controllers – get support for Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). The new Xbox Series X/S controllers released over the last few months already have this feature in-play. This new update to old Xbox controllers allows a "more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action."

The update adds Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) features to the controllers noted. This feature will make it a lot easier to switch between devices with your controller, without needing to reset the device's memory each time you want to flip from one machine to another. This firmware update allows controllers to remember one Bluetooth host and one Xbox Wireless host.

Once you have this firmware update, you can attempt to use this feature by pairing with your Xbox then pairing with your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Windows 10 PC. Once both your Xbox and your other (Bluetooth) device are paired, you should be able to switch between control of these devices with a double-tap of your pair button (at the head of your controller).

This pair of features will be available in the Xbox Insider Program for Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users right this minute. It'll be available to additional flight rings in the next several weeks. If you've never heard of the Xbox Insider Program or the concept of "rings" before, download the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox now and tap in to "Omega Ring" – and begin your weird journey into early-as-possible updates.