Unreal VR lets you become an edit-happy god

What you're about to witness is the next best example of why virtual reality changes the way we'll perceive the world. Inside the Unreal Engine 4 VR editor, users will be able to manipulate everything around them inside a virtual universe. What's more – this isn't like Minecraft, where everything is boxy. This is an Unreal Engine 4 environment. That means realistic. That means so realistic that we're leaping over the uncanny valley. It's done being creepy and we're straight away into The Matrix.This is not a game. This is a game editor. The folks at Epic Games have created the game engine (the toolbox) to create games, and what you're about to see is the editor. The virtual reality game editor. One that you, the creator, will be able to enter to edit.

Behold the reveal in the video below. There's a brief intro by the heads of Epic Games at the start, then a long demonstration.

Next you'll see a slightly larger demonstration, albeit quicker and a bit more difficult to digest. We suggest to take as long as you need to understand how awesome this is going to be for not only creators, but future game players.

Virtual Reality freedom is what Epic Games is offering with Unreal Engine 4's VR editor. And that's entirely true – Unreal Engine 4 is a free-to-use set of tools. You can use it to edit your own environment for a game for free.

Epic Games makes all of their money from Unreal Engine by gaining profit from the games that are created with said engine. The first part of the process is free, they just profit from the second part.

Therefor, what you're seeing here will be available to anyone. You can go nuts if you wish. Go completely nuts.

The release of this editor will be announced during GDC 2016. GDC 2016 will be taking place from March 14th-16th in San Fransisco, California.