Unreal Tournament isn't making a comeback

If you have been a PC gamer long enough to remember when the Unreal Engine powered games of the same name, you may have some fond memories of fragging noobs in Unreal Tournament. I know I do, I played the heck out of that game back in the day. Some rumors had been swirling that Unreal Tournament might be making a comeback.

Epic Games has stepped in and crushed those dreams. Epic says that it has no current plans for and is not developing a new Unreal Tournament Game. There had been some hope that the new Unreal Engine 4 would spawn a new version of Unreal Tournament.

Just because Epic isn't making a new Unreal Tournament doesn't mean it has given up on making games in favor of working on the Unreal Engine. Epic is working on a new game called Fortnite, which is a zombie base-building game.

Epic is also working on a new game franchise that is believed to be similar to the Samaritan tech demo that we have seen in the past. Epic also released some Unreal Engine 4 demos recently and they look really cool. That game engine will also be offered to developers on a $19 per month subscription model.

SOURCE: Eurogamer