Unreal Tournament 2014 Alpha first look explored

Before we get too extremely far into freakout mode with this reveal, let's just be clear – you're not going to see any gameplay. We are still in early Alpha mode with Unreal Tournament with Unreal Engine 4, and this will just be a glimpse of what one environment might look like. That said – it looks fantastic already.

This bit is meant to look like Outland – it's meant to look like ALIEN. It's meant to be clean, industrial, and futuristic. This is likely one of the many places you'll be spilling alien blood by the end of the year.

Chalky, metallic, grimy. It's white for now, but it doesn't have to be. Big metal plating, high frequency detailing, and colors and decals – and lighting, of course. While the old Unreal Tournament was a Tim Burton, Batman characature of itself, says the creators of this game, the future is going to be more of a Christopher Nolan sort of experience.

The video you're looking at above is 49 minutes long, the majority of which is spent speaking with the main developers of the Unreal Tournament universe at Epic Games for Unreal Engine 4. Learn massive amounts about what this game is going to be like and – more importantly – what it'll mean for Unreal Engine 4 in the process.