Unreal Engine 4 Xbox One and PS4 support live

This week the folks behind Unreal Engine 4 have made clear their very real and live intent to take on the console universe. Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have been added to Unreal Engine 4's software suite, allowing console games for the next wave to take part in this engine's graphics greatness.

Epic Games is adding both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 support as of this week. For those developers who are already subscribers to Unreal Engine and are already registered PlayStation or Xbox One developers – including ID@Xbox, too – Unreal Engine 4's complete source code will be available this week "at no extra cost."

What this will mean for the player – quite simply – is great games for the future. You can have a peek at some elements included in Unreal Engine 4 below.

This update won't instantly have PS4 and Xbox One games coming out with the graphics quality you see above. It will, on the other hand, make development for PC-grade games far, far easier for those developers that've users Unreal Engine to create their games for PC in the first place.

Note that this update also includes simpler packaging and porting of games to SteamOS and Linux. This means SteamOS and Linux-based games will – ideally – be coming out at a much quicker pace in the near future.

VIA: Unreal Engine