University of Oklahoma begins accepting Apple Pay campus-wide

As a new school year is kicking off in the US, the University of Oklahoma seems to be appealing to new and returning students that use an iPhone 6 or Apple Watch. As of this week, the school has become the first university to begin accepting Apple Pay at point-of-sale locations campus-wide. Apple users can take advantage of the new payment system at places such as bookstores, restaurants, and coffee shops.

In the school's announcement, the University of Oklahoma mentions that their 400 point-of-service locations are ready to accept Apple Pay, and boasts of the system's security and convenience.

Along with a standard bookstore, the school has its One University Store, which sells technology from corporate partners, including Apple. While the campus-wide support of Apple Pay may sound like some kind of sponsorship deal, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that over 700 colleges and universities would begin doing the same in the near future, including the University of Kentucky and Auburn University.

Since Apple Pay's launch last year, the payment system has rapidly grown in popularity, now being compatible with roughly 500 banks and financial institutions in the US. The mobile payment system is already accepted at over 1 million locations, and more retailers continue to add support.

SOURCE University of Oklahoma