Universal Android Debloater kicks bloatware to the curb without root

A system for Android devices was created by user W1nst0n to crack down on bloatware with relative ease. This isn't a one-stop-shop for every single Android user – you still need to be able to use ADB. It IS far easier to use than most solutions that've been conjured over the past decade for this one purpose. This solution works without needing root, which means you're not going to need to mess with anything that'll void your smartphone's warranty – and again: easy.

To be extra clear, here, as is always the case with a non-Google or otherwise 3rd-party piece of software, you access everything here at your own risk. The creator of this script and solution suggests that you are the sole person responsible for anything that happens to your phone before, after, and during the use of this script.

Per W1nst0n, this is a "universal tool which removes bloatwares on any Android phones by using ADB." At last, a way to make any Android device the sum of its parts. This is the sort of tool you use on a device that's been in the hands of a child or an inexperienced internet user that's downloaded all manner of nonsense and/or believes or believed that every bit of software that's pre-loaded on a device is worth using and trustworthy in its own right.

This script works with pre-made lists of undesireable and/or relatively useless apps from manufacturers and mobile carriers across the board. Carriers from the USA, Germany, France, and all the biggest names in hardware manufacturing.

There's a simple set of instructions available over at Gitlab for the script for Windows machines, macOS, and Linux. There's also a Reddit thread on the subject that's lousy with conversation at the moment.

If you're interested in contributing to the development of the script, that's possible too – this is a "community project" for all those open source-loving individuals that want to make this project as expansive as possible.