Unity 4.3 PS Vita build live: time for cross-platform gaming

This week the folks at Unity have let it be known that their Unity 4.3 build is out for the PlayStation Vita, a device that will now be able to work with a number of abilities in cross-platform gaming. There's a new PS Vita devkit being released for developers for this platform, allowing them to quickly integrate the games they've already made – or are making – into the Unity universe, therefor allowing them to be played on the PS Vita easily.

This release allows developers to create games that'll work with the full suite of PlayStation Network feature. This includes trophies, matching functionality, and friends in the mix. Developers will now be able to take part in the PS Vita's motion sensor functions, front and rear cameras, and dual analog sticks. They'll also be able to work with the PS Vita's rear touchpad – unique to this platform.

In this release you'll find games like developer "Zoink!" ushering in games like "Stick It To The Man", a game that'll be released to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita simultaneously. This game has been developed in Unity and will be rolling natively – in more ways than one – on both gaming hardware platforms immediately if not soon.

Both Unity and Sony are encouraging prospective developers to make with the licensing to take part in this action sooner than later. They'll be allowing some real 2D and 3D development action with the native animation system Macanim, running directly from users' already in-place PS Vita devkits, and ease from start to finish.