Under Armour made a face mask: Good luck trying to find one

Under Armour is the latest company to release its own reusable cloth face mask, one that you will have a lot of trouble acquiring at any point in the near future. The mask is shaped to fit one's face, unlike plain rectangular medical masks that often leave gaps. The new mask offering joins similar products launched by a number of companies, including some TV show-themed options from ViacomCBS.READ: ViacomCBS is selling reusable Star Trek face masks for charity

Controversy aside, the general consensus is that face masks should be used while in public during the COVID-19 pandemic, something that may even prevent a second spike in cases.

Many people have turned to reusable cloth face masks that can be washed and ironed, then reused, but most people are lacking the skills or machinery necessary to sew their own.

Premade masks have flooded the market as a result, and while most of those are coming from small sellers or large wholesalers, an increasing number have been released by brands and popular retailers. Under Armour is the latest among them. The company's new 'Sportsmask' is offered in Small through XXL sizes in Charcoal Black.

The company says that its mask, which is made from UA Iso-Cell fabric, can be used all day and includes moisture-wicking capabilities. The outer shell is water-resistant, plus an anti-microbial treatment has been applied to the inside layer of the mask. The nose bridge is adjustable, the ear loops are stretchy, and the cut is designed to work with the contours of one's face.

The UA Sportsmask is a bit more expensive than most competing reusable masks at $30, but that's the least of your concerns. The product launched and then rapidly sold out; as of now, customers can pre-order masks and they'll get a unit from the next batch, which is expected to ship starting on or before August 17.