Uncharted shipwreck discovered during MH370 search

A previously unknown shipwreck was discovered by searchers during a search for the missing flight MH370. The shipwreck is said to be in the southern Indian Ocean, and it involves a 19th century cargo ship. Which cargo ship isn't known, since it wasn't uncommon for them to sink during the voyage — whether this one will end up being identified is unknown at this point, but researchers have taken a greater look at the shipwreck since its discovery. Pics after the jump!

The discovery was made while searching for the Malaysia Airlines flight that went mission. While searching, the searchers discovered an anchor and some other wreckage while looking around a 23,000 square mile area near Western Australia. Sonar equipment discovered the shipwreck.

The shipwreck is located about 2.5 miles under the sea, and was confirmed as such when the researchers lowered a camera to examine the discovery. Said a maritime archaeologist with the West Australia Maritime Museum, "We've got quite a lot of stories about ships that sank in the Indian Ocean mid-voyage and you would be struggling to tell which is which unless you had a complete catalogue of all the ones lost."

We've seen a lot of interesting shipwrecks in the news recently, as well as discoveries in shipwrecks. For example, researchers recently studied (and tasted) champagne that was discovered well-preserved in an old shipwreck. Recently, super-clear waters in Lake Michigan also revealed a large number of shipwrecks that otherwise aren't visible when the water is murky.