Unboxing the Samsung D900 – slender slider hands-on

Chris Davies - Oct 18, 2006, 12:32 pm CDT

Unboxing a new tech-toy is, to some, possibly the best thing about gadgets, and there’s something about cellphones that make them particularly pleasant to unwrap.  Perhaps it’s the knowledge that you’re beginning a relationship with something that will accompany you for at least a few months, something that gets brought out every day and is often a solitary source of distraction during periods of boredom.  Anyway, enough psychoanalysis – this is all preamble to CrunchGear’s unboxing of Samsung’s gloriously thin slider the D900 (aka Black Carbon).

Samsung D900

While it might be the dimensions that catch your initial interest, it’ll likely be the specs that maintain it – Samsung have managed to squish a 3-megapixel camera in there, as well as revamping the user interface with some help from the people at Adobe.

Samsung D900

Already available in Europe, the D900 will land in the US “very soon” according to sources at Samsung, retailing for $350 to $400.

Samsung D900 aka Black Carbon Hands On [CrunchGear]

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