UltraViolet flicks get better sound courtesy of Dolby Digital Plus

When it comes to watching movies most of us want a high-quality picture and high-quality sound. Sound is particularly important when you're watching high-resolution digital video on your home theater system, and you want to feel the bass as well as hear it. Dolby Laboratories has announced that its Dolby Digital Plus technology will be used to enable high-quality multichannel audio for the UltraViolet platform.

The Dolby sound technology will be integrated into the UltraViolet Common File Format. UltraViolet is the platform for the digital distribution of movies from major motion picture studios. This news comes right after we learned that Fox would be releasing its movies weeks before the official DVD and Blu-ray release using UltraViolet.

The first film Fox release early will be the science fiction flick Prometheus. One of the best features of UltraViolet is that the digital format is consistent across all UltraViolet retailers. These digital files can also be moved between all supported devices and applications.

Dolby says that the use of its Dolby Digital Plus technology will allow the content encoding providers to provide consumers with the sound experience envisioned by the music artist, director, or sound designer. Dolby says that it's working with companies, including castLabs, Digital Rapids, and Elemental Technologies, to ensure that UltraViolet content plays correctly on a variety of services and devices. Dolby also has a developer kit to support the use of its capital the Digital Plus technology in the UltraViolet CFF specification.