Ultrasonic Chair Makes Impossible Visible

Behold a chair that explores not only our relationship with light and space, but our relationship with what appears real, and what appears to be so awesome it couldn't possibly exist. This chair can become basically completely invisible while you're away from it, but when you approach, it comes to life. Take a peek and explore a fantasy of impossibility.

Constructed of only acrylic, mirror film, LED lights, an ultrasonic sensor, custom electronics, and the code of a brilliant developer, this chair sits silent whilst not in use, but "beats" as if it has a heart as you approach. Also the lights and the mirrors involved create a "black hole" in the bottom of the chair, making those afraid of heights freak out and run. Can you imagine if every piece of furniture in your house were this freaky?

Take a look at the rest of the portfolio of Ben Alun-Jones over at his portfolio – it's got lots of lights and super fun stuff inside.

[Via Ben Alun-Jones]