Ultraportable Flybook stars in another review

Since there's never such a thing as too much information, prospective Flybook V33i buyers could do a lot worse than take a look at DigitalReviews' initial impressions of the diminuative convertible touchscreen notebook.  Kevin Tofel has already reviewed the V33i, so it'll be interesting to see whether the subsequent (and more in-depth) opinions of this latest review match his.

Sometimes it's the little details that jump out at you and make you smile; the Flybook's creative solution to multiple batteries is a good example of that.  Rather than expect owners to charge secondary batteries in the device itself (which would mean you'd have to remember to swap them over) or even buy a second charger, the AC adaptor has two slots so not only will it power the unit itself but a second and third battery pack toast-style.  Clever!

DigitalReviewsdiminutive [via I4U News]