Ultra-addictive space dots game Auralux returns with "Constellations"

One of the most addicting games on any platform, Auralux, is about to get a sequel. This game will be called Auralux: Constellations, and it'll have the same gameplay mechanics at its base, but will work with ever-so-slightly modified graphics and the ability to play multiplayer. Therein lies the key to the expansion of this already-excellent game. Another completely separate game, this time coming with the ability to battle your buddies.

The game's basic levels will be released for free, just like the original. In a number of packs of levels (for sale in-game, just as with the original), will be the new "constellations", each that feature "a single twist to the gameplay."

"In one constellation, the maps feature nebulas ("terrain") that speed up or slow down nearby units," said Ed McNeill, creator of the game, "In another constellation, there are 'supernova' objects that players can trigger in order to destroy huge swaths of the enemy units. In another constellation, a traditional RTS 'fog of war' effect blankets the map, changing the whole strategic dynamic."

Ed McNeill created Auralux several years ago as a "humble student side project." He worked with War Drum Studios to bring the game beyond its original PC creation point, allowing iOS and Android users to partake. Now McNeill is working with War Drum Studios again, this time allowing the studio to "take the technical lead."

The game isn't out yet (unless it's the future, in which case, go get it!) The game will be released "in a few months" from the time this article is published – in this case, that means likely early 2016, for multiple platforms, iOS and Android included.