Ultimate Gun Game: all the guns, one FPS

Corridor Digital have released a video showing a video game called "Ultimate Gun Game", one in which every famous game-based gun is included. Many guns are included, I should say – not EVERY gun. That'd be too many guns. Instead we've got just the important guns. The Portal Gun, for instance. And many of the most devastating overpowered guns from the strangest first-person shooters in the history of the genre, all included in one live-action video for your entertainment.

This is one of those videos you put in a playlist for showing off the capabilities of your sound system. It's still in 1080p, so it's not quite ready to show off your massive 4K set, but it'll be good enough for your buddies at your next LAN. Make sure you get your "favorite firearms" checklist out.

You'll also notice a number of melee weapons. See if you can spot the spoon!

HALO is also featured here prominently. Not surprising as the video appears to be sponsored by the folks at Doritos and Pepsi (with red Mountain Dew) near the end. Just the sort of snacks your binge-shooting brain needs to blast all night long. Also Halo 5 is coming out soon, so there's that.

Now imagine this FPS is real. Imagine some intrepid modders went the extra mile to make something like an Unreal Tournament with every one of your favorite overpowered weapons. Or – god forbid – made them all equal, making for a rampage of entertainment "the likes of which you've never seen the likes of which." Sound alright to you?