Four cult classic games free (for a short bit) on GOG

This week the folks at GOG have a set of four games available for free download for a short bit of time. Included in the mix are Ultima Underworld I, Ultima Underworld II, Syndicate Plus, and Syndicate Wars. There's a decent chance you've only ever heard of "Ultima" before – do not fret! We'll take a quick peek at these games here and see what they're about.

The games we're looking at today are old-school. If you were looking for a set of games that brought you back to the glory days of early/mid-90's PC gameplay, this is it. First, take a peek at some action with Syndicate Plus.

Next we'll look at some of the pointing and the clicking included with Syndicate Wars. If you were playing Syndicate Plus in 1994 and wanted to take things up a notch in 1996, this was IT. We're talking semi-3D gameplay, flying vehicles, and nonsense aplenty.

If you want to head back, WAY back, to the origins of the first-person shooter, adventure gaming, and the slaying of the dragons on your home computer, Ultima Underworld was it. We're talking 1992, before Wolfenstein 3D, before the first DOOM.

Fast forward to the year 1993 and Ultima Underworld II re-arranged the game in a way that was familiar, yet radical. If you find yourself destroying the first game in a matter of hours, this one's ready for you to roll with – with only a TINY learning curve to handle between games.

NOTE: As it generally is with games going free on a platform, you'll need an account for access over at the GOG site. In this case, that means little more than signing up with an email and whatever password you'd like to choose. Once you've done so, GOG allows the games to be downloaded directly.