UK girls create disappearing nail polish

Anyone who grew up in a school with uniforms and harsh restrictions might find this product intriguing. I myself went to catholic school until Jr. High, luckily I escaped the evil nuns after that or I'd have spent my teen years in gray plaid skirts. Which anyone that knows me these days knows that me in that little color is not going to happen. I'd have spent my days in detention, pushing the rules. However, a few girls in the UK decided to be smart about their pushing of the rules.

They found a way around them, you've got to love those loopholes. They created a nail polish that disappears when it is out of the sunlight and then reappears in the sun in a bright red. The school doesn't allow any form of makeup (which is friggin insane), so any nail polish is absolutely not allowed.

Although makeup rarely finds its way onto a tech blog, a group of girls inventing a new form of nail polish to fool their school is just too good to pass up. Now hopefully someday there will be disappearing hair dye to match and maybe schools will lay off their silly crusade to make everyone look like everyone else.


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