Udacity Launches For Android With Four New Courses

Udacity, the popular tool for learning all kinds of tech things you might not otherwise get to, has finally made its way to Android. The iOS app, launched about two months ago, has been reworked for Android, and the company has some new courses you can take to celebrate. Four new learning programs are available for Udacity, and they have a decidedly Android flair.

Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals will take you through the basics of learning how to build the best apps you can. This course coincides nicely with I/O, who's aim is to serve better apps to the Android world. Developing Scalable Apps: Using Google's App Engine will bring you comfortably under Google's wing.

Web Performance Optimization: The Critical Rendering Path gets your pages sorted out for mobile performance. Another course that ties in nicely with Google's ambitions, where we saw the company recently release a few tools to make web pages responsive across platforms. UX Design for Mobile Developers: Learn to Design a 5-star app will tie things up nicely, bringing your mobile aspirations a wonderful aesthetic.

If you're wondering why you'd listen to another instructor tell you why their method is best, Udacity has a nice twist to these four course. Each is taught by a Googler, if not several. Rather than find an "expert", Udacity got the people directly involved to teach you all about what it takes.

The company is also working on an offline mode, so you can take your courses with you, even when you won't have a connection. The app is available now from Google Play.