Google trying to kill terrible sites with Web Starter Kit

Nate Swanner - Jun 19, 2014, 3:38pm CDT
Google trying to kill terrible sites with Web Starter Kit

Have you even been on a tablet or smartphone, following links to websites when you came across one that looked terrible? Moreover, was it just not very responsive on your mobile device as it was the desktop? Google knows that frustration, and has released the Web Starter Kit for Developers.

The kit (theoretically) gives Developers everything they need to create websites that are useful in the mobile environment, but still workable on a desktop. Much of the things that make a mobile site useful — like touch capacity — are now bundled as downloads, taking the ugly leg work out of the equation.

The kit also works on web standards, so it’s not browser-specific. These are baseline utilities that operate on standards set forth by the W3 coalition. The aim there, and with Web Starter Kit, is to make the web accessible to every device.

It’s an interesting timeframe to release such a thing, too. At next week’s Google I/O, the focus will be on making beautiful apps and web pages, and having them work well across devices. The Web Starter Kit may even build from Polymer, announced at Google I/O last year. Web Starter Kit provides all the necessities, so it will be interesting to see what can be accomplished when the small (but crucial) things become trivial work.

Source: Google

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