Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign trumps Pebble to become highest ever

Canonical has announced that its Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign has achieved a new world record, trumping other high-earning crowdfunding campaigns (we're looking at you, Pebble) to be the "biggest ever." Such has been achieved with $10,266,845 in funds, and the company doesn't fail to point out that it has a tad under a week left, potentially seeing that number grow.The previous record was held by the Pebble smartwatch, which held its campaign on Kickstarter and achieved its $10 million record with 8 days left in its campaign and tens of thousands of watches being sold. Its title was held for over a year, but has now been passed on to Canonical, which saw most of its contributions come from the US and UK.

Other top contributing locations – in order – include Germany, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland, and Norway. More than 14,500 Ubuntu Edge pledges have been made, it says, with the lowest option being $20 and the highest coming in at $80,000. The highest end pledge was made by Bloomberg, which says it "supports open innovation and initiatives."

Said Mark Shuttleworth three days before the record was set: "In just over three weeks more than 20,000 people have backed the project ... [and] along the way we've broken crowdfunding records, including the fastest project to hit $2 million (7hrs 59mins), and the highest ever 24-hour total ($3.45 million). We're now on the verge of an even bigger milestone as we approach the all-time crowdfunding record of $10.27 million."

While a big moment for the company, the reality is that the Ubuntu Edge campaign still sits quite a bit below its high goal of $32 million, and with only 6 days left is unlikely to reach that number unless some very large contributions float its way. Regardless, we'll know the final outcome by the end of next week, and as always we'll update you once the campaign reaches its end.

VIA: Android Community

SOURCE: Indiegogo