Pebble smartwatch sells out after $10m raised

Anyone else still using Kickstarter? Go home. The Pebble smartwatch has you utterly and completely beat. The project recently broke the $10 million mark, and while there's still 8 days to go until the project is officially finished, all 85,000 watches have sold out. A staggering achievement, although sure to cause disappointment for those who didn't get in on the action.

It's not the end of the world, though. Pebble will keep churning out watches later on in the year, you just don't have the opportunity to be part of the initial wave anymore. The first watches are expected to ship in September, and will now feature Bluetooth 4.0 which brings a low-power mode.

Pebble is still accepting donations for the project, but you won't get a watch. A $1 donation will net you "exclusive" details about the project going forward, although a separate URL is also offered that allows you to plug in your details to receive information about when the next watches are available.

The watch is designed to connect to iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth and push notifications such as email, calendar alerts, and caller ID. The Pebble makes use of a e-ink display for outdoor visibility which saves on battery too, and the team has created an SDK so that developers can create their own apps and push them to the phone.

[via Kickstarter]