UberMedia Updates Mobile Twitter Apps in Face of Eternal Ban

Chris Burns - Feb 18, 2011
UberMedia Updates Mobile Twitter Apps in Face of Eternal Ban

Just a little bit ago we let you know that the reason you’re having trouble working on your phone with UberTwitter, twidroyd, and Echofon were because Twitter was banning them today. Not just today, either, forever, or as long as they continued to defy Twitter’s set of rules which include rules about privacy and trademark infringement, both of which Twitter says were besmirched. Because having their apps completely banned were probably going to put a dampener on their success, UberMedia appears to have been swift in their attempt to work with Twitter to have them active once more.

It might be important to note that although UberMedia owns UberTwitter and twidroyd, they do not (yet) own Echofon or any other Twitter clients that appear to have been banned for the same reasons as these two. Twitter legal sent out a note today that called out only the two biggest of the Tweetlaw breakers, both of them UberMedia owned and operated. What Twitter said was that these two apps were violating rules regarding trademark infringements and privacy in order to further monetize their services.

Now UberMedia has taken action as fast as they can with two new versions, one for UberTwitter, the other for twidroyd, sent to Twitter to peek at in order to gain back their rightful position as masters of mobile Twitter aggregation. Meanwhile, Twitter is letting everyone know that it’s completely fine to download their new version 2.0 official Twitter app while they cry about their favorite 3rd party apps being taken down. The tears are falling.

Which one do you use? Do you use a different 3rd party client for Twitter? Or perhaps you don’t use twitter on your mobile at all? Or not at all ever?!


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