Uber on firearms: don't bring a gun in the car

One of the more vocal concerns about Uber is whether the rides are safe, and incidents like the alleged hammer attack don't do anything to alleviate that paranoia. Uber has officially stated its policy on firearms in Uber vehicles, and the answer is short and clear: don't bring them with you, regardless of whether you are a driver or a passenger. This is a new policy, one that reverse a past policy in light of growing concerns about firearms and incidents related to them.

Uber posted a notice about its firearms policy on its website recently, saying drivers and riders may not have "firearms of any kind in a vehicle", and that if someone is discovered to have a firearm in a car he or she "may lose access to the Uber platform".

According to the Wall Street Journal, this is a reversal of Uber's past policy on firearms in vehicles, which had allowed for the possession of a firearm in the vehicle if the appropriate permits were had. The policy change, according to a spokesman, took place on June 10.

Such raises questions about safety, and firearms possession in general. Some drivers feel more safe with a concealed weapon, as do some passengers, while others are uncomfortable knowing a rider or driver may have a concealed gun in the vehicle. For those wondering, Lyft also has a ban on in-vehicle firearms.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal