Uber is moving its self-driving cars from California to Arizona

Following a spat with the California DMV, Uber has announced that its self-driving cars are inbound for Arizona, where the company will resume its self-driving pilot with "the support of Governor Ducey." The vehicles left for Arizona this morning via a truck, though it isn't clear where exactly in Arizona they will be deployed, nor when the pilot project will resume. The move follows California's DMV revoking the cars' registration.

The issue began when Uber deployed the self-driving cars on public roads in San Francisco in recent days, doing so without the proper legal permissions. The California DMV demanded that Uber pull the cars off the road and get the proper permits, but the company maintained that a difference in opinion between what constitutes 'self-driving' means it doesn't need these permits.

The state's DMV then made good on its threat, revoking the self-driving cars' registration. Rather than bothering with the California legal system and trying to get permission to get the cars back on the road, Uber bounced back quickly and has announced its new Arizona destination.

Though details are still somewhat slight, a company spokesperson speaking with SFGate confirmed the news, saying that Arizona's governor has condoned the self-driving pilot project. Welcoming the cars into the state may prove troublesome, though, as multiple reports suggest the cars have had some issues operating properly.