Uber hit with another harassment case in New Delhi

Another sexual harassment case involving Uber has surfaced in New Delhi, where a driver for the ridesharing service has been arrested for allegedly kissing a rider's hand, then attempting to kiss her on the mouth, at which point she ran away. The driver who has been accused, Vinod Kumar, reportedly has been driving with Uber since May 4, and was arrested following a preliminary probe into the claims. According to an unnamed police official, the driver "is in police custody and" is being questioned about the matter.

The incident reportedly happened over the weekend, with a police complaint having been filed this past Monday and the arrest having happened the next day. Uber has said it would cooperate with authorities if needed, and that it has a "zero-tolerance policy" toward such actions.

Late last year an Uber rider was allegedly raped by her driver in New Delhi, something that spurred action by the city against Uber and, later on, efforts on Uber's part to mitigate such future situations, including the launch of panic buttons within the Uber app that allow distressed riders to send out an alert.

Uber has been operating in New Delhi since resuming services in January, though officials say it is doing so illegally. Said Delhi's Police Commissioner BS Bassi, according to Fast Point, "We will look into [this incident] and whatever action is required, we will definitely take." Check out the timeline below for more Uber news.

SOURCE: First Post