Uber Corner Store brings tiny groceries to your doorstep

In a move clearly aimed at similar services from Amazon, the Uber car service group will be bringing on "Corner Store." This service will have an Uber car sent to your location as normal, but instead of picking you up, the Uber car driver will be dropping off goods to you. They've even got a list of items you can buy now – candy included.

So let's say you want 2 tins of Ice Breakers: Wintergreen Mints. That will cost you $4.00. That's it.

You'll just activate the Uber CORNER STORE option on your Uber app and set your delivery location. If a driver is available, you'll get a text message including a link to items you'll be able to purchase.

You driver will be heading towards you with your items after you've had a quick chat over the phone with your order. He or she will arrive "a few minutes" later.

As per usual, you'll need no cash for this transaction. It'll just be charged to your Uber account.

As with the rest of Uber at this point, this service is very limited – in this case it'll only be in Washington DC. Starting August 19th, 2014, this service will be available inside the relatively small DC area marked here from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 9PM EDT.

So no packs of gum for you in the middle of the night. On the other hand, Uber does suggest that they are "working to build supply, and will be sure to update you as we extend hours of operation to cover late night and weekend requests!"

VIA: Uber