Uber Beacons will stop you from getting into the wrong car

Uber hopes to stop embarrassing incidents in which its riders accidentally get into some random stranger's (read: non-Uber driver's) car, doing so via the Uber Beacon. The Uber Beacon is a device that Uber drivers place on their car's windshield, where it glows a specific color. The rider, who is aware of the color their driver will have, looks for that specific beacon amongst the sea of cars, making it easier to find their ride.

People hopping into the wrong Uber or Lyft car isn't anything new, and though it usually results in a laugh and an apology, there are stories of people freaking out. Lyft somewhat addressed that issue with its crazy pink mustache, which is being phased out, though it still was difficult to discern between multiple Lyft cars in the same location. Last month, Lyft introduced the "Amp" to make it easier for riders and drivers to find each other.

Uber is doing the same thing with its new Uber Beacon. According to a recent statement from the company, each Uber driver is able to install the device on their own and remove it when they're not taking passengers. The beacon is powered by a battery and connects to the driver's Uber app over Bluetooth. Uber says the beacon goes "several evenings" before needing charged.

The rider picks what color they want the beacon to glow when they order the ride. The rider then looks for that beacon — which could also flash or sport designs like rainbows — when their ride arrives. The beacon is making its way into some big select cities first, including Denver and Miami, but it'll roll out more broadly next year.

SOURCE: Uber Blog