Lyft Amp to replace the pink stache and provide in-car communications

The way you knew a car was your Lyft ride for since the service started was to look for the pink Glowstache. Things are changing at Lyft and the company has unveiled the next generation of in-car communications for drivers and riders and it is called Amp. The Amp is an in-car communications device that helps drivers and passengers find each other.

Lyft says that Amp will officially hit the road on New Year's Eve in cities across the US. Lyft isn't offering up much in the way of detail about the Amp device. From the images it appears to be a smallish capsule shaped gadget that shows text. It's hard to tell just how large the device is form the images as there is nothing to put the size in context.

It's unclear exactly how the amp device will help the drivers and riders find each other, clearly it will have something to do with messages shown on the screen of the Amp device. I'd say this is more appealing that having a bright pink mustache on the front of your car for drivers.

Lyft is also debuting its latest commercials that it says is a "lighthearted campaign reflects our serious dedication to treating both drivers and passengers better." All four of the commercials have a trio of executives that have a problem understanding putting people first. You can see the first of the commercials below.