Uber and Lyft hit with lawsuit in Connecticut

Brittany A. Roston - May 23, 2014
Uber and Lyft hit with lawsuit in Connecticut

Uber and Lyft have once again by targeted by the cab and livery companies that feel threatened by their presence, this time in Connecticut, where 15 companies formed a coalition and collectively went after the services. A lawsuit was filed in a US District Court on Wednesday.

According to The New Haven Register, a 42-page complaint was submitted to the applicable federal court in which the coalition claims Lyft and Uber are a safety hazard to passengers, using their Internet-based status to side-step industry regulations.

District Court Judge Alvin Thompson is at the helm, and the plaintiff is being led by Greenwich Taxi, the manager of which — Anthony Boskello — claimed Uber and Lyft are “a very serious threat to safety.”

Alleged little training, improper inspections, lack of commercial driver licenses and certifications, and lack of “rigorous” background checks were all cited as concerns. The issue of whether personal insurance policies will cover Uber and Lyft drivers was also pointed out.

Neither Lyft nor Uber have issued a response to the lawsuit.

SOURCE: New Haven Register

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