Two Top-Down Monster Murdering Apps Applying for Mac App Store Acceptance Soon

Whooo doggy these games look fun. Gameprom, the group of designers that created my all-time very favorite app SLAYER Pinball Rocks has released a couple of videos teasing at the release of a couple of massive mayhem games for the Apple App Store. First there's Crimsonworld, a fabulously fast-moving game where you're a robot in an alien environment where every monster you see wants to destroy you – murder them! Then there's Magnetar, a space scroller along the lines of all your favorite overhead airplane war adventures.

They're calling Crimsonworld a "Doom-style bloody mess with a top-down view." That sounds right up my alley! Looks like there's probably no chainsaw, which is regrettable (lol), but WOW does this look fun.

Magnetar seems like a relatively short game (5 unique worlds with 4 levels in each of them with 5 bosses,) but LOOK at it! It's bright and fabulously layered. Can't wait to play it.

[Via GamePromCompany]