Two new art apps from Google: Both are neat

Google released two new apps for Android (and iOS) devices, both of which are truly entertaining. They provide the sort of functionality that a smart handheld computer really should provide, without the whole "why does this exist though" thing getting in the way. As such, I recommend you have a peek at the both of them immediately. Or on your lunch break – unless you've got a case of The Mondays already.

The first of two apps you'll want to take a peek at is web-based and requires you to select a number of colors. It's called Art Palette, and it's recommended that you launch it on its own – don't be split-screening this experience. With Art Palette, you'll select 5 different colors (or 5 of the same, whatever you want,) and the system will provide artworks that match what you've selected.

I was shocked by the insane combinations I was able to find artwork results for. Colors off every wall have their own associated works of creativity – even the most gross combinations. This system was created by Simon Doury and Etienne Ferrier. This and the other in-browser app can be run by other browsers, but I recommend you try Chrome, first – desktop or mobile style.

The second of two new apps is called LIFE TAGS. This system does an intricate search through Life Magazine photos from the past several decades, searching for tags. Instead of searching for subject matter only, this system uses machine learning and image analyzation to pick up on recognizable elements within photos. As such, one can find all the photos with "helmets" in them, if one wishes. You can thank developer Gaël Hugo for that.

Of the two, LIFE TAGS is the more demanding in-browser app. This app works on Android and iOS devices, but I recommend you try it on a desktop computer if you really want to get the full shebang out of it. These two titles are just the newest in a selection of creations – "Experiements" – in Google's "Arts & Culture Experiments" collection. Have a peek there for more awesome oddities!