Twitter Surveys introduced as paid promoted service

There's another paid service in the works this week with Twitter expanding their Promoted Products portfolio with Surveys. This service will have users working with Twitter's advertising partners as well as Nielsen Wire to provide surveys to the public for voting on subjects of all kinds. These brand-surveys will be appearing in your Twitter feed just like a Promoted Tweet would – you'll be seeing them very, very soon.

This service takes the knowhow of Nielsen and mixes it with the utterly massive userbase of Twitter, this bringing on a whole new category for Nielsen to study. These studies will not be done just by Nielsen, of course, as brands of all kinds will be able to use Surveys for their own purposes. These surveys will be used mainly for advertising and study purposes, with the end result of a survey being whatever the brand wishes it to be, but the use of said surveys being a matter handled by Twitter in a manner similar to any other Promoted Post / advertising situation.

This Twitter Surveys experience will be Native to Twitter and will be appearing quite soon in the mobile universe. What you're seeing above and below is a couple examples of how Surveys will be appearing in your everyday Twitter feed. Twitter is currently working with a "small set of advertisers" to make this feature a reality for the grand public – it'll be launched in full for additional partners by early 2013.

This service joins Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts as the lovely collection of Twitter services that cost a brand cash. You can make your Twitter account appear in the suggested section for Twitter users, you can promote a post so everyone sees it, and you can set your own hashtag #topic in the most-tweeted topics whenever you like. This set of services makes Twitter a profitable business – or so we've heard – and we're looking forward to Twitter releasing its newest statistics as far as how much they're bringing in with these services soon – stay tuned!

[via Twitter]