Twitter rolls out emoji for Premier League kickoff

If you're both a Twitter user and big time soccer (football, if you're reading this from outside the US) fan, then there's a whole bunch of new emoji for you to fill your tweets with. The social network is marking the start of the 2015-2016 Premier League with a set of its custom emoji, called hashflags, featuring every team's emblem. So you can show your support for Manchester with #MUFC, or cheer for Southhampton with #SaintsFC.

Twitter notes that the Premier League emojis will only be active on the site until midnight on Monday, but they will make a return during key periods of the season. Also be sure to note that these are special emoji specific to Twitter, so users won't see them outside the website or official apps.

In addition to just tweeting team's crests, using the official hashtags for specific matches, like #MUNTOT, will display the two crests next to each other. #FPL will show the official Premier League crest, and #BPL will insert a Premier League trophy.

Twitter is now known for creating and using its own custom emoji during special events and occasions, including holidays and sporting events. Previous examples include Star Wars characters for the Celebration event in April, an emoji for the debut of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video in May, and a set of emoji for the Wimbledon tennis tournament in June.

SOURCE Twitter