Twitter Music app launches today: iPhone first

Twitter has announced today a brand new service they'll be offering through the web and in their brand new iOS-only app: Twitter #Music! This environment will be one in which Twitter will be showing off music shared by artists around the world using algorithms that get the rhythm straight to your face from your phone or desktop computer. Unfortunately it appears that Android users are going to be left out – at first.

The announcement was made on ABC's Good Morning America, of all places, while up until now Twitter #Music has been virally teased by music celebrities and odds-and-ends celebrity personalities. All on Twitter, of course. You'll find this launch to be one made by Twitter to reach the masses, not just the early adopter crowds apps are normally advertised to.

"The songs on Twitter #music currently come from three sources: iTunes, Spotify or Rdio. By default, you will hear previews from iTunes when exploring music in the app. Subscribers to Rdio and Spotify can log in to their accounts to enjoy full tracks that are available in those respective catalogs. We will continue to explore and add other music service providers." – Twitter

While the final app is not yet available to users, we're expecting a full launch by the end of the day – stay tuned to our Twitter tag portal all day until the big blast happens!

According to the Twitter bits and pieces released on the television show today, there will be several ways you'll be able to get into the mix. While for the most part this launch will surround the iOS app and desktop connections, you'll still be able to get to listen to music on your Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device by tapping links in Twitter and seeing (and more importantly, listening) the action in your mobile web browser.

This release should take the success Twitter has seen in their release of Vine earlier this year. While Twitter remains solidly a text-friendly app in and of itself, the Twitter brand will continue to expand through apps such as this. Have a peek at the tiny preview images released by ABC News thus far above and below and, again, stay tuned for more right here on SlashGear!