Twitter Moments rolls out to more creators, everyone else soon


has announced that it's rolling out its Moments feature to more users today. The feature, which allows users to string together a series of tweets to make one comprehensive story,

was launched last year

and has so far been slow to move into wider tests. That's changing today, but the feature won't be available for all Twitter users for some time to come.

Instead, today Twitter is giving a handful of partners, influences, and brands access to the feature. In other words, Twitter users that have a certain degree of reach will be included in this expanded test, as they'll be able to give the feature more visibility than your average Twitter user would. Previously, Twitter Moments were created solely by Twitter's own curation team and a small number of the company's publishing partners.

Eager Twitter users who want to try the feature themselves likely won't have to wait long, as Twitter says it'll roll out the feature to everyone on the site "in the coming months." What exactly that means is anyone's guess, as Twitter didn't give a precise date for the site-wide launch of Moments.

In the meantime, users will have to live vicariously through the Moments others create. As always, users can click the Moments tab to see what's currently trending, and Twitter is also encouraging users to follow @TwitterMoments to stay up-to-date. We'll have more news on the eventual launch of Twitter Moments to all users on the site, so stay tuned.