Twitter is targeting abuse following Zelda Williams' exit

Following Robin Williams' tragic passing, his daughter Zelda Williams announced that she would be leaving Twitter and Instagram for a long while due to some users, two in particular, who were sending her hateful tweets and inappropriate altered images.

Her decision and public outcry over the issue of cyber bullies has prompted Twitter to respond, with the microblogging service saying in a statement that it will be cracking down on these bullies. To do this, some changes will be made to the company's policies.

Said Twitter's Vice President of Trust and Safety Del Harvey, Twitter has suspended multiple accounts related to the bullying against Ms. Williams, and it is probing ways to change its policy to help with these situations in the future.

As part of its review and planned changes, Harvey said it "includes expanding our policies regarding self-harm and private information," and will also include boosting the support for the family members of Twitter users who pass away.

SOURCE: Washington Post