Twitter IPO official: submitted to SEC

Today Twitter has confidentially submitted an S-1 o the SEC in order to begin the process of their first (and only, of course) IPO. They've made this offering known in as plain a use of English as possible, adding that "this Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale." As you can probably guess: this announcement was made with a Tweet.

It's official: Twitter has finally made the move to begin offering stock options to the public, this following recent IPOs of technology giants like Facebook – and the very opposite: today's announcement of Dell's re-privatization. This also follows a recent announcement by Twitter's General Council Alex Macgillivray that he'd be leaving the company before this long-planned IPO.

Just yesterday Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg spoke up at TechCrunch Disrupt about the impending Twitter IPO, saying (ironically) that he'd be the last person someone would want to ask about doing a smooth IPO. He did mention, on the other hand, that Facebook is much stronger for having gone public, and that though they'd had a hard first year, it really boiled down to one point: "You have to know everything about your company."

Twitter paperwork will undoubtedly continue to fly over the next few weeks while the company aims its IPO for some time in the near future. At the moment there's not much known about when Twitter's IPO will be launched specifically: it'll really be up to future talks between their team and the SEC – now it's time to start thinking about what this means for Twitter users.

Are you ready to start living at the hands of a publicly-owned board of directors-run social network? Look to Facebook and see how things may soon evolve.