Twitter for iOS now supports slow motion video uploads

Slow-motion videos are awesome. On iOS, it's a native feature of the stock camera, and you can shoot in either 120fps or 240fps. Sharing those videos was a bit annoying, though. Slo-mo videos typically played back at regular speed, so your dog eating peanut butter was a lot less funny (but still hilarious). Via Twitter, you can now share those slow motion videos and they'll be seen as intended. Unfortunately for Android, this is another Twitter feature that is iOS-only, at least for now.

Via a Tweet (how else?!), Twitter confirmed the new playback feature. Unfortunately, they had nothing to say about timelapse videos. They also didn't say if frame-rate would be affected between the two native speeds, or if third-party apps would give Twitter fits.

Twitter does make it easy, though. No settings need to be toyed with, it seems. All you have to do is take video and upload, iOS users.

Recently, Twitter upped their game with Vine videos as well, supporting looping HD playback for all. Like this slow motion feature for Twitter, Vine's HD upload didn't (and hasn't) arrived for Android.

Recently, Twitter has made a series of upgrades, many of which affect iOS users, but leave Android out. Twitter hasn't yet offered up an explanation for why that might be, but we doubt they'll leave Android hanging for long.