Twitter for Glass app hinted at in tweet

Twitter user Jonathan Gottfried spotted a tweet using the #throughglass hashtag that has since been deleted, but that suggested Twitter has created a Glass app and that it is up and functioning on at least one pair of Google's frames. The tweet was sent out by Twitter user Shivster Muddler accompanied by a picture of some trees with the caption: "Just shared a photo #throughglass."

The discovery was first reported by the folks over at TechCrunch, which pointed out that hints have been dropped in recent times by John Doerr that Twitter would be announcing a Glass app at some point. Twitter hasn't said anything about the image, and it is possible it was a Photoshop job. There are some things that point at it being a legit screencap, however, including what appears to be default placeholder text in the absence of a user-created tweet.

Likewise, although both the tweet itself and the account that was used to send it – @mogroothmuddler – are now gone, the URLs for them remain, meaning if it is a con job, it would have been a tad involved to pull off. Regardless, if it is true, it indicates we could be hearing an announcement from Twitter regarding a Glass app in the near future.

As we reported yesterday, some of Glass's earliest adopters have already jumped into hacking the device, having successfully got Android software to run on the device. And this followed an earlier statement from developers that it is not only possible to root Google Glass, but that it is easier than expected.

[via CNET]