Google Glass root is "easy," according to developers

Probably the first question on many developers' minds when first hearing about Google Glass was whether the specs could be rooted or not. We now know they run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and it turns out, several developers have chimed in to say that a root for Google Glass is possible, and it's way easier than many people probably expected.

Hacker Liam McLoughlin and Cydia founder Jay Freeman have both rooted Google Glass, McLoughlin saying that it was "easy" to do, elaborating that the "reboot-bootloader gives you fastboot OEM unlock. There is fun to be had here." Freeman, on the other hand, also rooted his pair, but left out any details on the process.

McLoughlin says that Google Glass has a "debug mode" option that appears to enable ADB access. This was able to give developers the chance to root the glasses, and it seems we're now off to the races. It's still early in the rooting process, so we're not sure what all the fun things we'll get to do with Google Glass with a full root, but we're guessing there will be a lot of cool stuff to come out.

It was particularly interesting to see Freeman tinker around with a pair of Google Glasses, considering his main tasks are involved around iOS. Then again, we could see jailbreak apps make their way into Cydia that will add full compatibility to Google Glass, since the specs won't come with it by default.

[via 9to5Google]